How to Set Consignment Store Hours

One of the biggest decisions you can make for your consignment shop is when you will be open. Your hours of operation are when your customer come into your business. If you open too late or close too early, you can eliminate a lot of potential profits. So, what are the best hours to be […]


Consignment Store Inventory

While you might think that finding enough inventory to fill an entire consignment store would be a big problem, almost all consignment store owners will actually tell you they have never had a problem getting inventory. The big problem (or opportunity) is to be choosy enough to have room for the items that come in […]


How Much Money Can You Make At Consignment?

Is It Worth The Investment? This is probably the most common question asked when someone is interested in owning a consignment store. The reason for this is that people want to learn how much they can make because if the profit isn’t going to be there, is there a reason to invest the time? Asking […]


Resale, Consignment, Thrift and Second-Hand Stores: Are They Different?

There is often a great deal of confusion between re-sale, consignment, thrift and second-hand stores. Usually, consumers will see these types of stores as one and the same, but they are not. In fact, there are some vital differences to these types of stores. Second-hand and Thrift Stores Second-hand stores come in many different varieties. […]


How To Start A Consignment Store

You need to be fully loaded on two things before commencing any kind of business: courage of convictions and adequate knowledge about what you’re venturing into. Starting a consignment shop may seem like an excellent idea. After all, you don’t have to incur costs to accumulate stock. But there are other challenges that remain hidden […]


How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Consignment Store?

Is A Consignment Store In Your Price Range? Consignment stores are great business ideas when you want something that does not require a huge investment, but which can bring in a lot of money for you and your family. Consignment stores also serve an environmentally-friendly service. They take what people may not use anymore and […]

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